Veiw of aerators at the lawn end of the lake

.Veiw of aerators from in front of The Point

 After some tests on water quality in the past year it was decided to add another aerator to the three existing because it would be beneficial to introduce an aerator to the corner bay to the right of the Lawn swim, this would allow oxygen and water flow to be distributed evenly through out the lake. Two months after the aerator was set up oxygen levels were up 25% on last year. The fish certainly don't seem to mind growth rates on the year before have nearly doubled. This is due in part to the lake being fed during the winter months. Also with more oxygen in the water the fish move around a lot more and if they move about they use up energy which has to be replaced so they feed more often so you can catch them more often and from all swims not just the noted swims. We have had no complaints about the use of these aerators as most people come to the conclusion that they are beneficial to the fish. In fact some angler's have likened to the noise of moving water in the back ground. All said and done though we will normally run the aerators only when they are required as in times of continuous heat, spawning acid rain and when oxygen levels drop to below 80%.these paddle wheels will generally be switched on at about 11am and run until oxygen level has peaked at 85-90% in the odd ocation that this time period is not enough they will be left on at the fishery managers discretion. This is generally at night when oxygen levels drop due to the fact that photosymphasis can not produce oxygen due to the fact the sun has set. In other words aquatic plants give off oxygen during the day but reclaim it at night.So the best time to run the wheels is at night.