We hire bait boats and walkie talkies

Microcat boat hire is £ 80.00 per week with a £ 50.00 deposit  Walkie Talkie hire is £15.00 for 2 or £20.00 for 4   

PARTICLES must be ordered from us no nuts of any kind allowed

No shelf life bollies allowed only freezer baits


We stock a large range of Mainline baits if its not on the bait menu do not worry it will be in that lot on the left.

PRICE LIST                                

MAINLINE 10kg 14/18mm






Hybrid    £95.00                          
Fusion      £90.00                    
P/Apple      £90.00                    
New Grange      £95.00                    
Cell      £90.00                          

Active 8

     £ 90.00                          
Pellets 10kg             Particle 10kg          
4mm Response pellet Mainline    £38.00           Hemp  £25.00          
                  Maize  £18.00          
Paste to suit bollie      £6.00                      

Dumbell Hookers

£  8.00
Etang du Bois Bollies 10kg      £85.00                         
Etang du Bois Pellet 10kg      £28.00                         
All bait ordered must be paid for when you pay balance of your trip.