early 2015

I was out on the lake early this year last week in Febuary had some things to do round the lake, l had invited my friend Warren over for some fishing so when we got there the place looked a picture of winter which normally means fishing is going to be hard so hard that l did not fancy it, Warren however to well up for it and went straight in the Lawn time l had my 3rd cup of tea in the lodge he was all set up and out in the boat. Try as l might l just could not detach myself from the log burner and Alan likes the temp in the lodge to be tepid at about 40 degrees celsius so as l reliesed l was in danger of dehighdration l decided on a walk round. As l got round to the point l stood there for about 40 minutes great feeling not having to rush about like back home, when l noticed a ploom of bubbles rise to the surface about 30 yards out in an area of silt which normally weeds up in the summer, l was starting to get interested, Alan had been fishing the previous week in the gate and had caught 2 upper 40's. As l made my way round past the cobbs l noticed 2 fish close to the bank in front of the Bambo's deleaching them selfs on some under water tree roots, it was looking good, plus we were due a low pressure system next day. I gragually make my way up the far bank looking intensly through the gin clear water looking for signs of feeding fish then just off the treeline a could just make out two fish grubbing about on the bottom, so mind made up then went up to Warren in the Lawn for a cuppa and chat on tactics, l told him about fish l had seen, he to had been round in the margin and had seen at least 6 fish moving up and down and had decided that bait would be going in straight from the off with a small pop-up just on the edge. So got the gear out and made my way down to the point. Soon had it all set up, out in the boat with some small markers no need for the pole as l could see down to about 8 feet l started drifting on the breeze slowly making my way up the lake as l got in front of the point where the fish had shown the water was cloudy to about four feet something you would never have seen from the bank so moored the boat in between the Point and Gate something l would never do but was eager to get a rod on the spot where l had seen fish. So out they go in the baitboat opted for one on the back of the island rather than down the All Or Nothing one near the spot where l saw the fish and two on the far margin. I allow anglers 4 rods in winter cos it can be hard, but fishing in the point you never seem to cover all the spots as the afternoon wore on a fish came clear out the water down in front of Warren so was on the walkie talking about it when rod in the slit twiched and line started to tighten had not had a bleep but lifted into a very surprised or clever carp which slowly swam off into the depths as l tightened up the fish just exerted more power untill it had enough and took off at great pace so just held on then snap line broke if there is one thing l do not like its loosing a fish because of line break. So nothing more till first light gets a take on the one at the front of the island but this fish just feels really big the way it just meanders around no panic no ripping off just a strong pull after about ten minutes l get a glimpse in the clear water its a big Common and the colours are magnificent bronze and gold and glimering in the winter sunshine as fish turns l see a tinge of two tone and wonder what two tone common it is, as l get it to the surface l can see its our biggest reisdent which l caught last year at 79lb 10oz  as the fish comes in l raise the net but it gets snaged on the bottom suddenly panic sets in the fish is ready but can not lift the net up then net arm touches the fish suddenly it takes of straight under the boat and snap its gone. enough said, still gutted as l write this. Nothing worse than loosing a fish at the net but seeing it and loosing it is a sickner. That evening low pressure came in started raining but felt warm it was looking good for another take then Warren got on the walkie he had one in the net, Alan went up to take the pics a 47lb common. Next day Warrens in again l had reeled in so l went up and saw the fish another 47lber but this time a mirror so well done to him. we had been planting stuff around the lake all day so after a good dinner got the rods out after about 20 mins on the cloudy spot a good take as l lifted into the fish snap line broke l haver never snapped out 3 times in my life now 3 times in 3 day,s now dont want to make to much of this as line was recommended by a top angler so F**k that line went straight in the bin old spools went on back to line l know. next morning 58lb 10oz Common we call the wood carving is in the net. that evening 49lb 2oz Mirror then a 49lb 6oz Mirror was it sh*t line or me. With Alan chipping in with a great 61lb 10oz leather Warren with two more 30,s it had ended up a good winter session. Another friend of mine Lane was comming out on the Saturday for some fishing and l was happy to let him go in the Point. He has caught a zillion 50's from all over the place but never a 50 Common as there are at least 25 Commons above that weight he should have a good chance to catch one but no he had 4 fish to 52lb all Mirrors.