Early season capers
Great start to the season some good early sun pushed water temperature up very quickly compared to last year and the fish soon got on the feed. First two parties did very well with some notable catches from The Lawn and Point. Everyone was getting bites so all well and good, as April came to an end l looked at the catch report and was amazed how many more fish had been caught compared to last April we had 3x 20's 15x 30's 25x 40's and 14x 50's. So half expecting it to slow in May along come Paul Poynter with his merry men in the second week of May and take the place apart catching 32 very large fish and upping there P.B's along the way. A friend of mine was on the lake having taken 5 fish to 55lb in the first couple of day's when it all switched of Spawning had begun. As Alan and me were out for our weeks fishing the following week l figured we were in for a waiting game. Only one more fish for that group. As l came out to the lake on Thursday evening l took a walk round and was pleased that our hard work trimming and planting new stuff round the lake was starting to flourish l sat down with warren and he said fish were rolling in front of the Gate all week l knew then that they were probably spawning, As we had already decided where we were fishing l sat in the point for most of Friday with warren looking out to see where the fish were feeding when about 2 o'clock fish started bubbly about 25ryds out in an area with gravel and weed soon followed by a fish rolling gently on the surface l was starting to get a plan. Alan had brought along a mate of his who fancied the duck run so Alan went into the lawn, Saturday morning  will got set up l was in the boat finding my marks leaving an H block on 5 spots that l fancied. The plan was to bait up these area's and decide what spots to fish later l had to try and get the fish feeding so l mixed up about 10kg of my own blend of munga and chucked it on the spots, then pegged out my marks filled up the bait boat and dropped on the marks as l fish about 10 yrds in front of the blocks l decided to leave them in the water till just before dark then pick them up and refeed the swim for the night so settled in the bivvy. As the first beams of sunlight began to rise in the sky a strong take on the short gravel as l lifted into the fish it had already decided it was going for the nearest weed bed and pulled of line with ease. This is where a nice 3lb through action rod comes into its own taking the shock of the fish with a spring like action about 10 minutes later and l have my first fish in the net 46lb of fine looking mirror carp. then l make a silly mistake l did not change the rig before putting it back out and that was to be a costly error as a couple of hours later l got a take on the same rod after a strong fight the fish came to the surface and looked very big as she rolled in front of me the hook pinged out of her mouth and she was gone as l reeled in the last few yrds of line l grabbed the lead and looked at the rig some how the point of the hook had bent over rendering it useless gutted to put it mildly . Second day comes and goes with no fish and its getting hot really hot. A sticky night ahead. Monday morning l see a fish roll on a baited area so l bring one in and boat it over to the spot l then went round and gently sprinkled more bait around, an hour later of it went and the result a 56lb common. The fish came steadily that week with Alan picking up a p.b common of 57lb and Dave with a pb mirror of 46lb we were satisfied with the fishing then with Alan on an early train and already left l was starting to break down the rods when l get a one toner on the margin rod as l connected with the fish it just plodded away slowly so l tightened up the clutch a few notches wrong move the fish feeling more resistance suddenly torn of leaving me with an ever bending rod and the line tightening so quickly let the clutch of, the fish powered off down the margin pulling of about 40 yrds of line at this point I'm just holding on hopping the fish will start kiting out to open water at last l see the line start to come away from the bank as the fish goes into the middle of the lake 10 minutes later and the fish is still not tiring now I'm getting worried l still have not seen the fish and the longer its in the water the more chance l have of losing it. But not on this occasion when the fish did come to the top l then knew that it was a big fish. 60lb 10oz of lovely common carp and a new p.b great way to finnish, l ended up with 6 fish 45lb to 60lb in hard conditions with fish spawning and high pressure