Angling Paradise

After fishing in France, Holland and Belgium for over 25 years, we are well travelled and thought we had seen the best and worst when it comes to fishing venues. So when a friend of Gary's suggested we try Etang du Bois it was a toss up as to stay as we were or try a new place, that was 4 years ago.

We had been told by other owner's over the years had their lake was the Bee's knee's and all that. But after speaking with Gary it was obvious that he was not the sort of man to blow his own trumpet he just gave us an outline of what to expect and left us to get on with it, looking at some photo's of the lake it looked fantastic so we decided to give it a go, well l don't know where to start as we drove through the woods we arrived and took a walk round the lake we all decided that the photo's did not do it justice it was gorgeous the swim layouts, the over hanging trees all round the margins, and the island with its willow trees we loved it.As they say the proof is in the eating so after drawing our swims Leigh took our gear round and we were eager to get started.Well with out writing another 10 pages on our trip l will keep it short. The fishing was unreal we all caught and the quality of the fish was great 28 fish with 5 including 3 50+ fish 22 upper 40's and 3 upper 30,s.The best way to describe the lake is that it is an English Estate lake in France it was like nowhere we had fished before. Instead of our usual way of fishing we were looking for little gaps in the overhanging trees, clear spots in the weed or on the gravel bars. It is also worth mentioning that each swim has its own purpose built weighing frame unhooking mat, landing net,sling and fish antiseptic.Leigh is fully qualified in fishery management and he is not an in your face sort of person but if you ask for information he will bend over backwards to help you. The other thing is leigh doe's not fish when the paying customer is there. In fact the only thing you could fault him on is that he supports Brighton.

The Bois as we now call it is not a runs water it is very much a big fish water so our usual bait requirement is 20/30 kilos of bollie with 20kg pellet or particle per person as a starter which we often top up as we need during our week. We have now been 4 times in the second week of May and if you add up all the fish we have caught the average weight is a staggering 45lb of beautiful Commons, Leathers and Mirrors we all have pb,s in the upper 50 bracket which is why we have booked the lake for the next 3 years in advance which is a credit to the facilities on offer. Gary has made a pure big fish holiday available with no expense spared the Bois is truly an Anglers Paradise and as a group would not even consider going any where else it really is that good.

Vince with a great Common
Paul with a big Common