A Little Piece Of England
Article by Lane Chittenden

You can imagine the buzz i felt when two good mates of mine (Alan & Gary) informed me that they had just purchased a six acre lake in the Champagne region of France, l just couldn't wait to get out there and do battle with these enormous carp. Alan had informed me that a group of lads were going out to start work on the lake and it's surroundings, so no sooner had l put the phone down,l booked the ferry for the wife and l, loaded the car with a couple of brollys and bedchairs and got us both down there for a long weekend. We arrived in total darkness and were greeted by Alan at the gates and within minutes we were out of the car and walking round the lake. As it was dark l couldn't appreciate just how beautiful this place was, so a couple of beers were consumed up went the brollys and we crashed out for well deserved kip. As l awoke the mist was slowly rising from the lakes surface, and as it cleared it revealed one of the most stunning lakes l have ever seen with it's tree lined margins, golden weeping willows and lush weed beds. Soon followed a few more laps of the lake and it soon became apparent just how big these fish were, l was like a kid in a sweet shop with a broad smile on my face and just couldn't wait to have an angle for these stunning creatures, but as l only came in the the car, l had no rods with me so Alan was kind enough to let me sit on his rods that evening and while he was off round the lake drinking everyone's beer (no change there then). Yep, you guessed it the middle rod exploded in to action and l was doing battle with my first Etang du Bois carp which turned out to be gorgeous 38-06 mirror. We left for home the following day, but l was returning two weeks later with three mates for a weeks fishing, and what a week it turned out to be, l fished the Grotto swim and my first three fish were 36-04, 38-12 and a Stunning 50-08, l was just gobsmacked especially managing a 50 on my first trip. We all caught well on that trip with loads of 30s, and 40s gracing our nets but that story will have to wait for another time. Since then Alan & Gary have transformed this place into a must for all serious carp anglers,l for one would like to thank them for giving me the chance to fish this stunning lake and creating a LITTLE PIECE OF ENGLAND in France. Good luck to all those who fish here, you will love it !!!!!!!!!

Some lovely fish for lane